Sunday, 5 August 2007

Low Energy Lighting

Low energy lighting
It is estimated that around 15% of your homes energy is used up by the lighting used in your home.By swopping incandesent bulbs for the low energy (energy efficient ) type bulb it is possible to save up to 80 % of the energy use .It actually pays to swop your bulbs even before they blow , why wait low energy bulbs will pay forthemselves in a few months , it is estimated that by changing all of the lightbulbs in an average home could save over £200 per year !An once changed low energy bulbs last up to 10 times longer than incandesent bulbs so they will more than pay for themselves .Other good things about low energy bulbs being they do not scorch light shades due to the heat given off , they dont need to be change regularly so good for hard to reach places , they will contribute in helping to save our enviroment.

White Background wastes energy

White PC background wastes energy.
I never knew but browsing on a white background wastes energy !!!!This is because it takes more energy for the screen to produce white light than have came up with Blackle is a energy saving version of Google. Google with the lights out or Google in power saving mode.